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About Us

Owner/Operator, Riley Kern, has been a 17 year Newport Beach resident and feels grateful everyday for the beautiful surroundings of her neighborhood. She loves to get out and walk around Corona Del Mar and Balboa Island with her own fur son, Buck, so she decided it would be wonderful to offer that service to all the dogs in Newport Beach!

 Riley and some of the family!

A tired dog is a happy dog... And a Happy Owner!!

Riley has raised a well balanced Chihuahua... Hard to believe, right?! haha.. Well she believes strongly in the philosophy of good pack leadership and knows the importance of exercise, discipline and affection when it comes to raising healthy dogs with healthy minds. When she walks her clients dogs she sticks to her pack leader role. She understands that energy is everything in the dog world so she works to maintain a calm, assertive energy to keep each dog trusting in her leadership. She has an expertly trained staff who also abide by her philosophies. 


She is an avid Crossfit enthusiast so she is in stellar shape and offers brisk walks for the dogs who require more exercise but can also slow it down for the seniors. She works with the owners to make sure their dogs needs are being met on a daily basis and offers daily reports at the owners request. So Schedule a walk and put your Pooch in the Spirit of Aloha today! 

A walk you can TRUST.

Riley and her team use the app, Doggy Logs, to track each and every walk. The app maps the route of the walk, the duration, and even has a place for pics of your pup on the walk and any relevant notes from the day. After a walk is finished, the log is immediately emailed to you through the app. Island Pooch staff pride themselves on honest customer service and reliability! Your Mutt will be saying Mahalo!!

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